Dog Harness Collection

Dog Harness

Times had change, our pets are not dogs anymore, they had earned an important place in our lives, we nurture them, as we see them grow. We call them many names, puppy, dog, doggy, fur baby, or just  given names, in reality they all share one name family.

Did you know that, walking your dog with a dog harness is beneficial for your beloved canine? Especially if he or she has a tendency to pull of the leash, it helps to prevent injury to your pooch neck. With heavily build dogs, a dog harness can give you more authority over your pup, even if your dog is not fully instructed in good leash behavior.

In the case of miniature dog breeds, or puppies, wearing a dog harness disperses the pressure from one smaller area on the neck, to the back and the body. Pawtitas offers great quality and style for your furry friend.

PAWTITAS, will keep the furry part of your family safe and comfortable from dawn to dusk. Dog harnesses are design to protect your dog from the whiplash that is created by the constant pulling. Made of durable materials with reflective stripe sewn into the nylon, PAWTITAS¨ products will last from years to come. Our reflective products will enhance the safety of your love ones. As a pet product designer we create fun and up to date fashion design lines.

Not for chewing. Do not leave dog unattended with product.